Quran in English

Download the Quran on your Android smartphone or tablet and enjoy the divine words of Allah anytime, anywhere.

All Muslims need to have a copy of the Quran with them all the time. Reading from the Holy Quran is an important daily task that we can never ignore.

Having the Quran Kareem in your smartphone or tablet is the best solution for you if do not have the time to stay at home and read the Holy Quran.

You can read Al Quran Al Kareem on your way to work or when you are heading back home, traveling or having a break at work.


This all-in-one app is a Quran explorer where you can search and read the Holy Quran, reading the official English translation in contemporary, easy to understand language. It will help you have the Holy Quran with you all the time, wherever you are. Search your favorite Quran verses or surahs so you can find them easily again and again.

In this application, the Arabic text of the Holy Quran is exactly the same official text found in all versions of the Holy Quran, and it has been carefully authenticated by professional proof readers.

The English translation is the official version and the most honest one to the original Arabic text.


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